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Examples of what these K9s are capable of:

  • Complete off leash voice control
  • Gentleness with young children and the elderly
  • Friendly with other animals
  • Threat deterrence
  • Threat protection
  • Kidnapping prevention
  • Object “attending”
  • Protection in and around vehicles
  • Guarded retreat
  • Home invasion response

Valkyrie Security, LLC knows the value of a highly trained K9 in the world of security, but we are also dog lovers. If you believe your family would benefit from having a K9 guardian that is not only a skilled and proven 24-7 protector but is also a loyal and steadfast member of your family, Valkyrie Security can make it happen.

The Valkyrie K9 team leader, who personally has 2 K9 guardians, will meet with you to get an understanding of your needs, expectations and personal situation. Valkyrie will then match you with your ideal fully trained companion, personally deliver your K9 and provide in home training with the entire family. who is under full voice control off leash

These are not “junkyard dogs” nor are they “attack dogs”, these are unique K9s chosen before they are 8 weeks old for their innate ability, intelligence and stable temperament. They are then trained for a minimum of 18 months to learn the manners, obedience and specific protection skills necessary to not only be your family’s best protection but also your family’s most steadfast companion.

Virginia, West Virginia and Washington, D.C.
License #: 11-16407


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