Valkyrie Security, LLC is a woman owned and operated service disable veteran small business located in Northern Virginia. We specialize in providing outstanding custom security solutions to our clients in the Washington, D.C. Metro area. Valkyrie Security sets itself apart from the rest of the security industry by putting as much emphasis on ensuring its officers are trained in the “soft” skills (pre-attack cues, threat detection, conflict communication and de-escalation) of protection as well as the “hard” skills (weapons training, restraint and removal) that most company’s focus on.

In addition, we employ the most professional and reliable security professionals in the area that are passionate about your security. Valkyrie Security strives to hire not only the best but also the most diverse security officers in the business. Each security job is unique and calls for individualized and customized solutions which can only be executed successfully if you work with a wide variety of individuals with diverse backgrounds. Valkyrie Security actively recruits men and women, veteran and civilian, all racial, religious and ethnic backgrounds.

Washington, D.C. Metro area
License #: 11-16407


✉ amacdonald@valkyriesecurityservices.com