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Protection Worthy of the Throne

Valkyrie Security specializes in outstanding private security services in the Washington, D.C. Metro area.


Delivering customized, discreet services to every private security job.

Vigilance is the Price of Safety

Hiring the best and most diverse security officers in the business.

Professional & Reliable Private Security

Out-of-the box protection solutions executed with excellence.

Security Officers

We offer the best trained and most professional officers in Washington D.C. Metro area. All of our officers exceed the minimum requirements and demonstrate the utmost in skill and experience.

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Private Car Services

Valkyrie’s drivers are both professional security drivers and personal protection specialists. We provide short term and long term safe, reliable and luxurious private car services.

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Private Investigations

Valkyrie offers private investigation services to the legal, insurance and financial industries as well as to the private sector. Our approach is multifaceted and utilizes latest tactics and technology.

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Personal Protection

Valkyrie is the premiere provider of personal and executive level close protection bodyguards. Valkyrie employs a holistic approach to our protection services that provides for the physical protection of our clients while at the same time empowering them to be part of their own security solution.

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Family Guardian Dog Training

Valkyrie knows the value of highly trained K9s in the security industry, but we also know the value of the loyal and loving family dog. Valkyrie Security offers the best of both worlds.

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Security Risk Assesment

Valkyrie specializes in performing risk and vulnerability assessments for individuals, families and corporations. We identify security gaps in both your physical and cyber life and offer cutting edge solutions to reduce your overall risk.

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Virginia, West Virginia and Washington, D.C.
License #: 11-16407


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